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The most beautiful place on earth, it’s at sea

As leaders in eco-friendly sea excursions on maxi-catamarans in the region for over 10 years, we distinguish ourselves through our commitment to excellence, elegance, escape, and sustainability.


As pioneers, with Made in France and innovative sail or hybrid propulsion vessels, we have always been dedicated to promoting more responsible tourism. It is the best possible path. We approach it every day, like the sailors we are, humbly with profound respect for the oceans, nature, and humanity... Because the most beautiful place on Earth, it’s at sea!


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passion for the sea

A deep passion for the sea and an unwavering commitment to the decarbonization of maritime transport. Our company was founded on this passion and the careful observation of the environmental challenges facing the maritime sector.

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This is what drives us to surpass ourselves day after day. We are determined to provide our customers with an unparalleled travel experience, placing their satisfaction at the core of our concerns.

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We distinguished ourselves by investing in innovation with a unique fleet of hybrid vessels under the French flag. Three maxi-catamarans and a lounge boat have emerged from our ambitions.

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the french way

We have chosen quality and the excellence of French service, aiming to restore its reputation through our ships, teams, and excursions. We take pride in displaying the "blue, white, and red" colors and offering our customers a unique French-inspired travel experience.

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sustainable tourism

As a major player in the maritime tourism industry, we must play an exemplary role by continuing to promote more responsible tourism. We implement concrete ecological actions on a daily basis in favor of sustainable tourism.

Our environmental approach

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Our commitment goes beyond simply transporting passengers at sea, and environmental preservation remains at the core of our concerns.


We acknowledge the responsibility we bear as a maritime player and have developed an environmental policy that incorporates planet-friendly practices into every aspect of our operations, from the design of our vessels to our onshore activities.


Our environmental efforts continue to evolve and strengthen over time. Our vision is to offer an exceptional and responsible maritime experience, in harmony with the marine environment around us, while minimizing our environmental footprint.


Below are the key elements of this environmental policy, contributing to shaping passenger maritime transport towards a more sustainable future.

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Responsible ships and
Respectful Navigation

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Our brand new vessels exclusively with sail and hybrid propulsion that leverage the latest innovations in construction and maritime standards, including compliance with the Marpol Convention:


• Our DAY 1® catamarans, particularly lightweight due to the use of carbon composites, are optimized to require minimal power for movement. Their low-displacement engines, with a power of 135hp, emit up to 10 times less CO2 than traditionally propelled vessels.


Through this fleet, we conscientiously minimize our environmental impact and carbon footprint while providing exceptional nautical experiences.

Sewage and Oil Collection

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Our ships are equipped with large-capacity sewage tanks, eliminating any direct discharge into the sea. Regular pumping operations are carefully conducted in specifically designated areas, ensuring responsible waste management.


Meticulous monitoring of oil and waste is maintained by the company. A detailed register is kept to facilitate the management and decontamination of these wastes, reflecting our commitment to Marpol-conventioned responsible maritime practices.

Bureau Veritas Certification

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Transparency and safety guide our processes. Every year, all our ships undergo a thorough inspection by Bureau Veritas, a French classification society, as well as by the ANFR and Maritime Affairs. These checks attest to our compliance with the strictest standards in terms of safety and the environment.

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Catamaran Iladora - AMC CAPE GRACE avec voiles_edited_edited.jpg

Eco-friendly Practices

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Preserving the quality of marine sites, wildlife, and flora is at the heart of our concerns. Over the years, we have implemented simple and concrete eco-friendly practices. At sea and on land, our trained teams educate and raise awareness among our passengers about ecological issues, promoting responsible behaviors.


• For the maintenance of our ships and infrastructure, we prioritize the use of eco-labeled products and dry cleaning methods.


• We maximize the use of reusable materials on board and encourage systematic recycling whenever possible. Our commitment is also evident through the collection of large waste or objects encountered during our sea outings, reinforcing our responsibility towards marine ecosystems.


Our vision is clear: to achieve a zero-waste approach at sea. This approach also extends to the land, with ecological initiatives in place to reduce waste production, the gradual elimination of single-use plastics, and active promotion of recycling.

Awareness and Education

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Environmental awareness is a powerful lever for driving change. Onboard our ships, our crew is dedicated to educating passengers about ecological challenges, encouraging behaviors that respect marine biodiversity and coastal ecosystems. Educational materials and dedicated educational excursions are deployed to enhance public awareness.

Community Engagement

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The company supports local associations and participates in local environmental preservation activities. Beach cleaning days with Mes Rivages Propres and awareness campaigns on environmental issues among local communities are integral to our community engagement.


Training Programs

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To strengthen the commitment of onshore staff and crews to sustainability, the company implements continuous training programs focused on best environmental practices. These training modules include eco-friendly practices and awareness of marine ecosystem protection.

Technological Innovation

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The company invests in research and development of innovative technologies aimed at further reducing its environmental impact. This includes exploring even more eco-friendly propulsion systems, integrating advanced energy-saving technologies, and adopting innovative solutions for waste management on board.

Support for Local Economy and Responsible Purchases

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Our commitment to the local economy is evident in our choice of suppliers and partners, mostly located near our operating areas or within France.


Whether for ship construction (shipyard in La Rochelle), communication services, event services, maintenance, or printing... We deliberately choose to support local producers, thereby promoting a circular economy and reducing our ecological footprint.


Simultaneously, our responsible purchasing policy favors environmentally friendly products and services. We opt for durable, recyclable products from ethical sources, aligning our procurement choices with our commitment to sustainability.

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our horizon

Towards more sustainable and more responsible tourism

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